Calc Copy column of formulas and paste into word proccessor

A1-A10 are filled with formulae. I want to copy the formula, not the values, and paste them into Notepad++, but it will only paste values, even if LibO Calc is set to display Formulae, not values.

Put in B1 the formula =FORMULA(A1) pull down to B10 and c&p this into Notepad++

I really wish someone would give a proper answer. A proper solution. In excel I am able to “show formula” COPY those FORMULAS (not values, not what comes after the math… THE FORMULA)… And I can then copy those formulas to a notepad where, when pasted… it shows all those pretty, pretty FORMULAS.
Is there a way to do this?
When I try to do so on LibreOffice, only the values (NO FORMULA) are pasted.
Edit: addition words after latest post
See what I mean? The PROPER answer for you to have given is “your $hit out of luck, Libreoffice can’t do that. Go back to excel.”

Should this be read as “I don’t understand I’m on a site where users help users, and when something is not implemented in a program, the users give workarounds; I also declare that a “proper answer” is not what actually works, but what I imagine myself… and I don’t understand that it’s good to read site’s use rules, to understand what’s off-topic (so that I could know that if this works in the program not the way I like, I need to file an enhancement request for that, not declare correct answer here “improper” using “Answer” tool where it’s wrong)”?

I can understand people being frustrated with the differences between MS Office and LO. But try to understand that these are two completely separate products and each work in their own respective and unique ways. If you brought a hammer but need a screwdriver then who is to blame, the tool manufacturer who produced the hammer?