Calc copy/paste incorrectly to Writer

For an assignment I have to show both the values and formulas used as well as graphs fitted to best line and the formula for said line. I can do all of this in Calc ( for Win10 x64) with no problems, but when I try to copy/paste the formula view of my cells over to Writer, it automatically changes to values. I double (triple, quadruple…) checked that I had copied the correct thing by pasting my cells in a new e-mail for gmail and it gives me the formulas.

The second problem is with my graphs. I after making the graph, I go to copy it to Writer and I have two options: either I get my titles/axes titles, but no trendline/formulas or I get my trendline/formulas, but no titles/axes titles. The former is when I copy/paste the titled graph image and the latter when I copy/paste the graph itself from inside the titled image. I’ve been getting around it by saving the graph as an image and then adding it to writer, but it’s a little time consuming when I have to have about 25+ of these in my document.

The only reason it has to be copied into Writer is because I have to convert a lot of my data and a lab report into a PDF to turn in online. I’ve managed to work around these for now, but I’ve spent about 6+hours trying to get all my stuff in order whereas my labmates have nearly completed all the data entering/graph making in Excel/Word in about 3-4 hours. Is there a way to prevent these copy/paste issues in the future?

For the copy/paste problem, see here. For the graph problem, maybe some other genius here can chime in. Cheers.