Calc crashes when transposing

Is it a common problem? I have used both fresh and still versions and I have this issue: when I’m using transpose option (from Ctrl+Shift+V/Paste special menu) with 50-60+ raws it always crashes. With smaller number of raws (<50) it work fine.

EDIT: Windows 10 64 bit
there’s link to a raport after crash - maybe it would help a bit:

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Just checked - the range of 3 columns of 800 rows is transposed both through the PasteSpecial and through the formula {=TRANSPOSE(A1:C800)} well. What is your OS?

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It was not worth writing in answer, you had to use a comment on the question or edit the text of the question. That was not the answer. Or maybe it was? The question “Why does the transpose not work” - the answer is “Because Windows” :slight_smile:

How many columns In your range? Did you try function TRANSPOSE() instead Copy-Paste?

Here: Win 10, LibO 6.4.3 (64 bit) “only” 4GiB RAM, a dozen tabs open in Firefox , 3x1001 rows containing a simple formula (increment by 1 per row).
Transpose by PasteSpecial, values only: <1s.
Transpose by PasteSpecial, including the formulas: <1s (also correct “transposition” of the formula).
TRANSPOSE() with array-evaluation: <1s.
No errors at all.
May the user profile be corrupted?

JohnSUN, sorry :wink:

With single column it works fine up to 1024 limit. With 2 or more it crashes, even if second column is empty.

@nonamed , do you seem to have missed @Lupp’s remark about the User Profile? In vain. Your problem may be with the Windows clipboard or with a corrupted User Profile.

See here - Wiki: LibreOffice user profile - for more details.

I found that transpose function works well when I completely remove the formatting - maybe this information will help someone or will be helpful for fixing this bug.

Best regards!

This is to confirm that the likely cause of this challenge either direct text formatting on a large number of cells or cell spanning.

For those not familiar with removing direct text formatting and cell spanning, the steps are:

  1. Before you proceed with the actions below, I suggest that you backup your spreadsheet file. Because this can’t be undone. And all direct text formatting will be permanently lost. But the Transposing will likely be successful.

  2. Select all appropriate cells

  3. Navigate to “Format” menu —> “Cell spanning” option—> “Remove cell spanning” option.

  4. Select all appropriate cells

  5. Navigate to “Format” menu —> “Remove direct formatting” option. Redo this 2 or 3 times. As there are, sometime, layers of direct formatting on top of each other.

  6. Close spreadsheet

  7. Open spreadsheet

  8. Transposing