Calc crashes when transposing

Is it a common problem? I have used both fresh and still versions and I have this issue: when I’m using transpose option (from Ctrl+Shift+V/Paste special menu) with 50-60+ raws it always crashes. With smaller number of raws (<50) it work fine.

EDIT: Windows 10 64 bit
there’s link to a raport after crash - maybe it would help a bit:

Just checked - the range of 3 columns of 800 rows is transposed both through the PasteSpecial and through the formula {=TRANSPOSE(A1:C800)} well. What is your OS?

It was not worth writing in answer, you had to use a comment on the question or edit the text of the question. That was not the answer. Or maybe it was? The question “Why does the transpose not work” - the answer is “Because Windows” :slight_smile:

How many columns In your range? Did you try function TRANSPOSE() instead Copy-Paste?

Here: Win 10, LibO 6.4.3 (64 bit) “only” 4GiB RAM, a dozen tabs open in Firefox , 3x1001 rows containing a simple formula (increment by 1 per row).
Transpose by PasteSpecial, values only: <1s.
Transpose by PasteSpecial, including the formulas: <1s (also correct “transposition” of the formula).
TRANSPOSE() with array-evaluation: <1s.
No errors at all.
May the user profile be corrupted?

JohnSUN, sorry :wink:

With single column it works fine up to 1024 limit. With 2 or more it crashes, even if second column is empty.

@nonamed , do you seem to have missed @Lupp’s remark about the User Profile? In vain. Your problem may be with the Windows clipboard or with a corrupted User Profile.

See here - Wiki: LibreOffice user profile - for more details.

I found that transpose function works well when I completely remove the formatting - maybe this information will help someone or will be helpful for fixing this bug.

Best regards!