Calc: creating a hyperlink from a web address

I am using LO version under Win7. I am trying to insert a hyperlink into Calc from a web address. Under Excel, I would highlight the object {See below: Actually meant was a part of the text content of a cell. - Edited for clarity by Lupp}, then select Insert hyperlink from the insert menu, put in the web address and the highlighted object becomes a hyperlink

This doesn’t work in Calc. It simply inserts the URL next to the highlighted object in the cell. How can I replicate Excel’s action in Calc.


Actual objects like shapes, images, can also get assigned a hyperlink. They needn’t contain any text for this. As you used the term “object” @PYS supposed you meant something of the kind.


The problem occurs with what kind of object?

Right Click a shape (rectangle, basic shapes, text box,etc.) or an image then Edit Hyperlink is ok on my platform (windows 7 - 5.2)


F2 – Space – BackSpace ?

A shape? No,just simple text in a cell. By way of explanation and description, try this; put a word in a cell that you can use to identify a web page, then highlight the word, then try to put that page’s URL in using Insert Hyperlink. It won’t work - instead of making that word a hyperlink, as you can in Excel, Calc just tries to put the URL in the cell along with the word you wanted to use.


This works perfectly for me. Did the highlighted word show in the line ‘Text:’ of the ‘Insert’ > ‘Hyperlink’ dialogue?
If not, the selection was broken by some inadvertend action - or there is a problem with your specific surroundings (UP e.g.) .
Please report again.

Nope, doesn’t show up. Which version are you using? I haven’t upgraded to the latest as yet.In the Insert menu, what selection did you make from the left column? Maybe that’s my issue here.

OK almost there. I first copy the URL I want to use, then highlight the text I want to make a hyperlink, it shows up at the bottom, and under the Internet selection, I paste the URL, and the word changes to a link. Now how do I get it readable? Right now it’s showing up as a grey background surrounding the link, which make it hard to read. I tried to change font, but that didn’t work.

Running under Xubuntu 16.04 and using LO v5.2.0.4 I had no problem with assigning a Hyperlink to a word (or group of words) in a cell.

With something in a cell, I edited it, selected all text, chose from menu Insert->Hyperlink ( or Ctrl-K) and entered the address. The selected word (or words) changed in color from black on white background to blue on grey background. Ctrl-LeftMouseClick followed the link without problem.