Calc cursor stuck in drag-n-drop mode

I’ve searched the forums and didn’t see my problem listed. Basically, LibreOffice Calc seems to think I’m dragging-n-dropping with my mouse even when I’m not. When clicking to go between sheets, it thinks I’m dragging-n-dropping sheets, even though I’m just single clicking from one to the other. As soon as the mouse leaves the sheet I’m on and hovers to another one (before I’ve even clicked) it already has the cursor icon showing that it thinks I’m trying to drag-n-drop. The same problem happens inside a sheet at times. The only way to make it stop is to press Esc key, which is frustrating to have to do between frequent mouse cursor movements.

Related to this problem, it’ll also at times draw a thick black box around content that I have not selected. The black box doesn’t move no matter where I click. I can’t get rid of the black box by selecting no borders, deleting the cell, or telling it to clear any direct formatting. Once I get such a black box, it seems to be permanent. It seems the black box issues might be more likely to happen after I’ve done a copy-paste (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) The fix seems to be closing the file without saving. Since I can’t predict when the black box will appear, my only workaround is to frequently save so that I hopefully lose less work when I’m forced to close without saving to get rid of the black box.

I opened a fresh spreadsheet and just put some garbage data in a few cells and recorded my screen, so you can see what I’m talking about. Since it doesn’t appear I can attach files here, this is the .mp4 file (less than 2 minutes long):
(link is only good for 30 days)

You’ll se me fighting against Calc since each time I go to a different sheet, it tried to drag-n-drop it. If I don’t catch the issue in time, Calc will move my sheets around to where my cursor is even though I wasn’t holding down the mouse at all. Then I have to try and move the sheets back. I have to press Esc between movements to try and avoid the problem. In the middle of the video you’ll see the black box issue I mentioned and at the end you’ll see me trying to get rid of the black box (unsuccessfully).

I’m on LO on Manjaro Linux 20.2.1 (which is Arch-based) with Gnome 3.38.3

Any help would be appreciated! Calc is nearly un-usable to me in this state :frowning: