[CALC] Cut multiple non contiguous rows and paste them

I’m using LO version
I have to select, cut and paste many rows from a list.
The matter is that rows I need to cut are not contiguous in the list.
When I:

  • select my lines with CTRL+left mouse click
  • press CTRL+X to cut them

Calc says this feature is not working with multiple selections.
Has this feature been added in current stable release (or planned in the future and worhing on current develpment version)?
I think it’s a must for a spreadsheet application…

Anyway how to achieve the above task:

  • select many rows
  • cut them
  • and paste in an other place or in an other sheet

I noticed the copy and paste feature is working:

  • multiple selection with ctrl+mouse
  • CTRL+C to copy
  • CTRL+V to paste in an other place

But now, to delete copied lines from the original list I have to re-select the lines (same selection I did) and finally press Canc to remove lines content or maybe some other function to remove the lines too.
Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Working with filters would allow what you are searching for.

It would be possible to classify, so that these items are grouped. That would give it to cut and paste.

My workaround:

  • select lines CTRL+left mouse (or ctrl+shift+arrow)
  • CTRL+C to copy
  • open a new calc document (blank) and paste ctrl+v our copied selection
  • then back to the first document: here is our lines selection still active (highlighted, colored), so we can just press Canc to cut away lines we selected at the beginning.

The result is equivalent to Cut&Paste all selected noncontiguous lines.