Calc - Cut Tool makes text no longer visible and removes background color


Two questions, I see that one has probably been asked before but didn’t have a great answer so I will ask them both here.

1.) In Excel when you use the CUT tool on a single or mutiple selected cells it creates a dashed box around the selection letting you know that the item has been cut, but it allows you to still see the text within that dashed box and remains visible until you actually paste it somewhere. This is a nice feature, Calc on the other hand creates shows a dashed selection rectangle but removes the text completely from being visible. Is there a setting to prevent this? or would this be something considered to be added in a future release?

2.) The next question Excel continues to do this as well as does Calc.
As mentioned above when you go to CUT text from a cell that has a colored fill background, the cut tool takes that color background with it which is fine, but I would like color fill background to remain where it was as well without deleting it making it a white background.
The method of solving this by COPYING the cell text and then having to go back and delete the double I feel is very foolish to have to do, creating un-neccessary work and confusion.
Is there a setting or real way to solve this problem?
If not something like this should probably be implented, seems odd that both Excel and Calc still have this issue, that has been brought up by many.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
Does anyone know if these requests have ever been considiered?

You may have used Excel for some time. If you now change to LibO part of its behaviour will be unfamiliar to you and you won’t feel well with insofar.
I used Star- Open- Libre- Office for a long time now and would be very unhappy to get thrown back to MS software behaviour.
Nothing “very foolish” with LibO Calc. I am and you surely are clever enough to know what range and basically what content we copied. Having done so we may ‘Del’ there and then go to the (LU) cell where to paste.

I agree with your second request. It makes no sense to me to delete formatting when cutting data. This is worth a feature request over at bugzilla. Perhaps you could record a macro that would Copy, then delete the data, and assign the macro to Ctrl-x.

The idea is to make Cut and Paste (once) equivalent to Drag and Drop. The additional option using C&P is to repeate the Paste step as often as needed.

And with back key it’s possible to select what to delete, that by default doesn’t delete objects and format.