Calc display issues on entering text into cells

LO Version: Calc Linux Mint 18.1

On spreadsheets which already contain data, when I enter text into a new cell, the text becomes thick and obscures what it is that I am typing until I hit ‘Enter’ or tab and then clears itself. On occasion when scrolling through a large spreadsheet, rows are turned black, but again clear themselves.

This is happening on two different machines, both running Mint (one 18.0 the second 18.1). The 18.1 version uses Mesa DRI Intel graphics card with 1920x1080 pixel resolution, version 1.18.4. The kernel is Linux 4.4.0-53-generic (x86_64)

I’ve done extensive on-line searches and cannot find any mention of this, so perhaps I’m using the wrong language/ terms?

(See comment by @SimonBader )

Did you already play with options concerning OpenGL rendering and hardware acceleration?
OpenGL rendering may still be buggy or not work smoothly with graphics hardware/drivers not yet correctly blacklisted.

I have the same problem about areas of spreadsheets not being rendered correctly.
It also happens often when I switch between tables.
Disabling OpenGL and hardware acceleration options did not help. What else can be done?
LibO, gentoo linux, kernel 4.9.16
I would say that it started with KDE5/Plasma5, but I am not sure.
I see similar problems in Firefox and Thunderbird, too (started the same time), so it may not even be a LibO problem!

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