Calc distorted text during entry

I am experiencing a problem with the numbers entry in Calc on HighDPI screen.
It seems that the text simply overtypes the previous number and happens during several scenarios.

The issue only occurs

  1. when the numbers are entered and appear from right to left. When i press F2 on an empty cell and start typing numbers all looks fine.
  2. when the entered numbers are different
  3. when i press F2 on the cell with numbers in it.
  4. when i type numbers over the cell that already contains numbers.

can be seen on the attached picture, the cell contains 111111 and i enter 888.
opengl is turned off

So - what is your question wrt that? (If you just inform others about a bug, then you are in the wrong place - please file a bug report.)

my question is whether it is a known issue and whether there is a solution.

This is not an answer to your question, please use comments for that.

thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Apparently it is a known bug, and is fixed in the upcoming 6.1.0

And in 6.0.5