Calc: documents marked as modified right after opening them

Basically, what the title says. As of late (I think since I updated to version, whenever I open a spreadsheet with Calc, it appears as modified:

  • There’s a star above the ‘Save’ icon

  • I get a ‘Save Document?’ pop-up window if I try to close the file immediatly without doing anything on it

It only happens with Calc documents. Writer and Impress don’t exhibit this behavior. Is this a bug? Is it a new default behavior that I can change in the Options? (I’ve looked there, but couldn’t find anything)

PS: I’m on Arch Linux 64bit.

EDIT: I’ve got new data regarding this issue.

  • I couldn’t reproduce the aforementioned behaviour on my work PC which runs LibreOffice 4.something on Ubuntu 14.04. No spreadsheet I opened with it was immediately marked as modified.

  • By trying lots of other spreadsheets on my home computer (the one with Arch Linux and LO v5., I think I’ve found what causes the issue. It’s got to do with whether the document contains any chart or not. Spreadsheets without charts in them behave as expected, while documents with even a single, simple chart are automatically marked as modified when opened.

In fact, I can easily reproduce the issue now:

  1. Create a new spreadsheet, and write some random text in cell A1. Save and exit.
  2. Open the newly created spreadsheet, and it doesn’t get marked as modified.
  3. Now enter some random numbers in different contiguous cells, and create a chart (e.g. a pie chart). Save and exit.
  4. Open the spreadsheet again, and it will now be marked as modified upon loading it.

Can anyone reproduce it and confirm it?

This would definitely b a bug (unless you happen to have a macro on document opening that would somehow modify it - unlikely?)

Please file a report, and attach a sample document with this problem.

@gumersindo: Did you already check for a possible user profile corruption?
See .

Sorry for not replying earlier. I expected an email notification for any activity on my question, but didn’t receive anything…

@Lupp: I kinda checked it by backing up my user profile and deleting it so when I started Calc it created a fresh new profile. I got the same results.

@mikekaganski: nope, no macros in the affected spreadsheets. I’ve further investigated the issue and I’ve discovered new things (I’ve modified the question accordingly).

Reproduced with LibO Calc V5.4.3.2RC on Win10.
See also:
(Class listed bug monument?)

I must mention that the bug pointed by @Lupp is improperly handled, and thus may make an impression of exceptionally long-lasting. Actually, the original problem of that bug was fixed meantime, and was OK in 4.x. The current problem had started in 5.0, as my bibisection shows (see my comments there).

I’ve opened a new bug report:

I am having this issue with LibO Calc on Win7.

Bug is closed. No issue present at LibreOffice (x86).