Calc does not calculate

Sorry to say but…

On my computer, Calc 5 throws me error 508 whenever I use basic operators. It is running FreeBSD 10/x86_64 with KDE.
On my notebook running FreeBSD 10/x86 XFCE, LibreOffice works as expected. The same LibreOffice version, installed from packages, on both systems I have installed apps from packages, I just compiled some ports that do not (should not) affect libreoffice.

I’m lost, any ideas?

Calc 5 throws me error 508 whenever I use basic operators.

Do you mind to post a few examples of your “usage of basic operators”? This is not a common term.
You know the meaning of err 508?

508 Error: Pair missing Missing bracket, for example, closing brackets, but no opening brackets

@ Lup: AFAIK basic operators are +, -, *, / and ^… Do these match yours?

Sorry. I am, hopefully, not an idiot. I asked for a few examples of your "usage of basic operators". This because I felt sure that not the operator itself would cause the error, but possibly an incorrect usage in an expression (formula). I did not guess the problem @erAck pointed to, however.

Likely the version of your installed LibreOffice language pack does not match the installed LibreOffice program version. They MUST be of the very same release version.

Yes! That’s it. I don’t have any language pack, language set to cs-CZ… Switched to en-US, and everything works. Probably, it happened during upgrade from 4 to 5. Thanks a lot!

Strange thing about it - interface language was czech, as well as local settings, without any sign of a missing langpack…

Just for example, if you have libreoffice-5.0.5 installed you should also have cs-libreoffice-5.0.5 language pack installed for a Czech localization. If you did have a Czech UI then you very likely also had some language pack installed (as the main package does not contain any translation at all), but due to a dependency or package maintenance error it might had been of some older version, which would explain the symptoms. Then translations may not match the internal IDs, in this case opcodes.