Calc does not keep the formatting I set

I want to set some formatting on a spreadsheet. I ‘select all’ using the top left square, go into formatting, tell Calc to automatically wrap and to align the text at the top of the cell. It does this for the cells I have data in already, but when I enter new data it does not follow those formatting instructions. It does the same if I use the formatting buttons in the toolbar.

(I just started another spreadsheet and don’t have the problem. The only difference I can think of is that I set the formatting before I entered any data. Is that a bug, that you can’t change the formatting for all cells if you’ve already entered some data?)

I’m using LO (X86-65) on Fedora 39.

Formatting for unmodified cells is set by cell style.
Open the Sidebar, click on Styles icon, right click Default and select Edit Style (Modify for earlier versions). Make your adjustments and OK out.

tdf#153527 is fixed in 7.6.5.

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