Calc Drop-down menu cell, color coded options for multiple cells

Does anyone know how to make a drop-down menu in a cell with color-coded options? But then, apply this color-coded drop-down menu across all the cells in that column?

For my particular scenario, I am making an Audio Asset List for a video game where each sound is in its specific row in Calc. There is a column named “Status” for each sound - I made a drop-down menu with 5 options in this column: Implemented, In Progress, Not Implemented, Revision Needed, Unused. This drop-down menu will be for every cell in this particular column. My drop-down menu works fine, however, I would like for each selection to have its own unique background color.

I have found different articles and forum posts that almost provide a solution. However, it seems that each article and forum post would only work for 1 cell and not multiple cells in a column …I think?

I followed this youtube video to make the cells - so basically this method, but with color-coded options:

Any help is appreciated, thank you!