[Calc] Error with Concatenate formula

I start to typing the formula:


in one point calc suggest me proper formula (conacatenate) and then I hit [Enter] to autocomplete.
In this moment calc removes equal sign “=” from the beggining of the formula leaving olny plain text in cell


with cursor blinking between brackets …
Other formulas seems to work properly. Got this error

I’m using polish edition and this function is called "=złącz.tekst"

Can you try to concatenate using formula wizard?

Wizard works. It’s all about manually typed formula.

Got another question - if I type “=C” calc suggest me few formulas starting with this letter - how can i switch between them ?

Ctrl+Tab forward, Shift+Ctrl+Tab backward.

thanks erAck - altought non-intuitive (should be tab or arrow up/down, enter to accept)

Which release version are you using anyway? 5.1 or 5.2? Or something older?

Does that happen also with other function names? I suspect this might be related to the ł and ą in the Polish function name and there’s a pattern that function names with such character (or the combination) make the completion fail and functions without such character don’t, is it? If so then please report a bug in our bug tracker.

Currently I’m using
It could probably happen before but i do not bet on that, I did’nt install new releases 'cos 5.3 was non-usable at all (freezes, force closes…).

It could be connected with polish characters 'cos “if error” formula


also deleting equal sign … :wink:

Doesn’t happen with


(quotient if i recognize right)

Little mistake in version numbering
I used previously 5.0.4 and jump already to got problems with 5.1 family (not with 5.3 :wink: )