CALC external file reference no longer working

I have a reference to external files located in dropbox. Lots of people use the files and each has a unique location for their dropbox but the folder structure is the same The formula I have used for years no longer works. any idea why =INDIRECT(LEFT(CELL(“filename”),SEARCH(“folder_name1”,CELL(“filename”))-13) & “folder_name2/folder_name3/file.ods” & “’#$” & “sheet_name” & “.” & CELL(“address”,B1))

Any error message? Any LibreOffice version? Any update performed? Any network issue? Any operating system? Then there might be any idea why

With the formula wizard, can you see what part of the formula fails?

It might also help to tell us what you want to achieve, what you think the expression

=LEFT(CELL("filename");SEARCH("folder_name1";CELL("filename"))-13) & "folder_name2/folder_name3/file.ods" & "'#$" & "sheet_name" & "." & CELL("address";B1)

should return and what it actually returns.

This formula is over-engineered; it could be something like


… or OFFSET applied to that reference.