Calc F2 Paste Formatting Issue

I been online in the over-bloated Internet and could not really find something to help me here. And I know it will end up being the one thing I did not check
I had to uninstall LibreOffice and clean out files. Somehow, I had it in two locations, Window$’ defaults (which I refuse to do unless forced), and my own folders.
Then I reinstalled (X86_64) on my W11. Fixing the options back to how I prefer them. One thing I am lost in is in Calc. I used to be able to pick a cell, press F2, paste in text and it would go in unformatted (matching the other cells). Now, it will paste with the format of, say text from a website.
I can not find what I may have changed in options before that made it where F2 and pasting (usually CTRL-V) would add in the text without other formatting.
Any thoughts to the simple thing I missed changing that I can not find? :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you.

The first step is to check F2 .
Menu / Tools / Customize, tab KeyBoard, panel Shortcut Keys.
What is written for F2?

Cell Edit Mode

This is right.
So you select a cell and press F2.
What happens to the cursor?

It flashes in cell.

This is also correct.
Now for complex testing. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Select and copy formatted text to the clipboard, for example, having some characters in bold or having a hyperlink.
  2. Select an empty cell in Calc and press F2 (the cursor should flash).
  3. Press Shift+Insert. The text from the clipboard should appear in the cell (unformatted, of course), the cursor should move to the end of the text and continue to flash. This is true?

Yes, it acts the same as CTRL-V. Pastes in the text with the formatting, cursor flashing at the end. Hitting ENTER just keeps formatting opposed to plain text, or text matching existing font/size (in existing document or new, blank one).

Yes, it looks like the behavior when pasting rich text in Cell Edit Mode has changed compared to the “old” versions.
See also tdf#154006.

Thanks for the messages.

Thanks. I had been watching that post and see nothing new happened yet. I also see it was reported, on this page anyway, a year ago. Guess I was not hit with it until I reinstalled the latest version. Guess it did not affect me before since I had it running for a couple of years through updates as well, but only until seeing I had it in two places did I clean out everything including Libre user files/settings. Just guessing.
Welp, will see if/when it gets fixed up. Thanks for that link.