Calc fails to open xls or xlsx file

Using Libreoffice v4.2.0.4 on Win7 64bit

After working with xls or xlsx file, i save it and close it.
After that, when i open it again, i see the Calc opening and the opening bar (the green bar below) reaches to the end and then the Calc closes itself.

The file, i used before, is corrupt and i cant open it with Excel or any Excel like application.

I see, on the file location, the file and also the lock file (xlsx#). I can still open other Calc files. I have installed Libreoffice again (2x), still the same problem.

Quite frustrating, i must say, when you loose like 2days work like that :confused:

Is there any tool to restore corrupted file?

If you have a backup of the original (still good) file then please submit a bug report with as much details as possible including step by step instructions how to reproduce the problem and attach the original file. If you’re not familiar with the LibreOffice/FreeDesktop Bugzilla use our Bug Submission Assistant.

If you don't have a backup you could try and see if the faulty file can be loaded in an older version of LibreOffice.