Calc file ... first save is slow ... then fast

bump … anyone?


I wonder if someone can explain this …

I have created a Calc file with over 2000 rows and about 10 columns. Conditional formatting is applied and the cell formulas use iterations.

When I open the file and fill out a row and save the file … LO ‘freezes’ for a short while saying “not responding”. After literally a few seconds LO comes back to live again. Now when I fill out the next row (or multiple rows) and save the file, the saving process is fast (like it should be).

Does anyone know why ‘the first save’ is so slow and results in LO “not responding” for a short while? Is it loading data into memory or something like that? AND … the one million dollar question … is there a way to improve this behavior?

I just found out something strange.

When I open the file and IMMEDIATELY save it, it will save fast. Then when I fill out a row and save the file again, it still is fast!

So the problem only occurs when I open the file … fill out a row and then save the file. Then LO is not responding and it litterally takes a couple of seconds before the file is saved.

What could be the problem?

When it’s Window$ as the OS, you can tweak your software and the system to an extent, but Window$ is always slow. Even if Linus Torvalds rewrote Window$ it wouldn’t work.

Thanks. Windows is not ALWAYS slow. The problem does NOT AT ALL occur when I click the ‘save’ button before I start editing. The file will then be saved very very fast … before as well as after filling out (a) row(s). I think it has to do with recalculating formulas. My guess is that when I open the file and save it immediately, LO knows nothing has changed. But if I first edit something before saving for the first time, LO starts recalculating every formula and then saves. What do you say?

I am moving away from Windows specifically because it has been so slow this past 1.5 years. Ok, at times W10 is fine, but then for no apparent reason it starts hogging my CPU. Fortunately I have a fairly fast machine, but my partner’s machine became unusable. Suggest you consider a 5 year transition to Linux. You might start w/ something like Ubuntu. Linux seems to work pretty good, but does have a learning curve, especially for those who have been used to other things for many years.

At a minimum learn to use some performance analysis tools to see which tasks are running. It is a zero sum game. If one process hoggs, it cheats the other processes. … I might also mention that even when W10 does not seem to be hogging CPU cycles, it seems to be slowing down existing software. I’ve been using Microsoft stuff since the very beginning, but lately I think the company is really changing for the worse. It also could be you’re out of memory or cache space.

Thanks for replying. I truly think it’s a LO ‘bug’ thing. When I save the file first before entering data, and then save the file again … it is very fast! The ‘not responding’ happens when I open the file, enter data and then save the file. But if I saved the file before entering data, everything goes well. Pretty strange. Seems like a programming mistake.

Not so strange. Could just be that initially everything is in memory. The later stuff gets swapped to disk. You do really need to have facts rather than hunches. You need to know what else is running and how much of your CPU is being used and by who. Performance tools will give you some facts to base your hunches on. Good luck to you. Have been there. Hope you’ll figure it out. There is no easy solution sometimes.