Calc - filename from cell

Let’s say I have sheets “myStuff_10”, “myStuff_30”, … imported

on the A column, I have


and in the C column, I want to have


How can I take that value from the A column, though?


='myStuff_<take from A column>'.$B$5
='myStuff_<take from A column>'.$B$5

something like (doesn’t work, ERR:501):


such that I can drag it down rather than manually adjust a thousand cells?


=INDIRECT("MyStuff_" & A3 & ".B5" )

But I’ll give a strongly advice not to do this kind of “data-import” for huge amounts of data.

I love you. Would upvote, if I could, but need >5 points to do that, so … But why do you advice against doing this kind of thing and what alternatives ARE there?

The alternative is, not to distribute data into numerous sheets if you need this data in one place.

That’s not really an alternative, that’s just repeating “don’t do that”. I have some 200 .csv files - each of which represents an independent measurement - that I need to summarise and plot. So … what else am I going to do than to import each .csv into a sheet of its own, summarise it there, then copy the summarised values over to a new sheet for plotting?

In that case you should first merge these files into one*** and then Import the ´merged.csv` into Calc.

***For Example from LinuxTerminal:

>> cd /path/to/csv/folder
>> cat $(ls *.csv) >> merged.csv

I think that’s a really bad idea. ~200 files, 93 columns each, good luck trying to find something if you toss it all into the same file.