Calc / fill series

Can’t get Calc to follow a series I’ve defined, where the increment is an increment in the position of the cell.

Bit difficult to explain, so I’ll show it.

  • Column A has values from 1…9.
  • Column B has “=A1” in the first row, and “=A3” in the second

What I want now is to select B1:B2 [edited], and have B3 filled with “=A5”, B4 with “=A7”, and so on.

The problem is that calc fills B3 with “=A3”.

image description

“… mark B1+B2 …”

contains an annoying misuse of the operator “+”. Please replace the quoted text piece with “…select B1:B2…” (or similar) to avoid misunderstandings.

Thanks. Fixed.

You didn’t use Fill Series, did you?
An automatic Fill Down unavoidably needs to do an “algorithmic guess” concerning what a user might expect.
You may know the fact of infinitely many ways to continue a series of only a few known elements from brain-twisters.
I don’t know an explicit specification of “Auto Fill Down” if formulas are afflicted.

Continue 0, 1, 1, … (mostly given without the starting 0)
A fascinating solution: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, … (The Fibonacci series)

=OFFSET(A$1;(ROW(A1)-ROW(A$1))*2;0) in B1 and then filled down may help you?