Calc Filter Results Count

When using auto-filter or standard filter in Calc is there any easy way to see how many rows are being displayed that match the specified filter settings?

I have found a workaround which is to right click on the Sum indication on the status bar at the bottom and change it to CountA then select a column of the results where every row has a value in. This seems to show how many rows there are but seems a bit clumsy is there a better way?

if you rather not use formulas
type 1 on the first row in a new column, then double click on the lower right of this column, it will automatically populate all the filtered rows while incrementing the 1. You can scroll down then to the bottom and see the value of this column to read the count

Upvoting because it’s a nice idea. The ideal answer would be that this functionality is now built into LibreOffice but this seems an equally good workaround to the one mentioned in the question

Easiest way I’ve found is:image description

  • Select all (autofiltered) rows
  • Right click in the status bar like in the screenshot
  • Check “CountA”

CountA will show you the number of selected rows.

This seems to be what I have an elaboration of the suggestion I made in the question

Put this formula beneath one of your columns. It will count the total viable rows.


This worked for me in in LibreOffice 4. I’m not sure what the 3 parameter is for, but it works better than 2.

Only to help other people who didn’t find an answer.

There is an option on bottom menu called “count selection”.
Follow the image below (the image is in portuguese, in english is “count selection”):