CALC FIND = "does not contain"

I have a CALC SS that has E-Mail addresses.
I recently ran into several that do not have a “@” character in the address.

I would like to ‘FIND’ those cells that DO NOT HAVE a ‘@’ character.

I am not seeing a wildcard for that operation … ?
Looked in CALC 6.4.pfd…
Thanks, ⌡im

What about Regular expression (not wildcard!) ^[^@]*$?

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@Lupp No problem! By the way, why + not *?

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Select the range of supposed email addresses and use F&R, Regular expression enabled with Current selection only.
Enter exactly ^[^@]+$ in the field behind “Find:”, the order Find All.
(RegEx can also “search negative”. If you need to understand, study Regular Expression Tutorial - Learn How to Use Regular Expressions, The + in place of the * used by @JohnSUN avoids to find empty cells.)

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For what you need to do, filtering might be the better means:
Select the column containing the email addresses, go >Data>More Filters>Standard Filter The dialog that opens will offer the variant Does not contain under Condition, and you only need to enter the @ then under Value.
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Thank yo to everyone



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