Calc form issue: blank LO drop menus when apply pushbutton or any other form control

Hi! I have issue with using pushbutton (checkbox or optionbutton also make same issue).

I apply form in my sheet as follow:

  • wiev-toolbar-formcontrol
  • then I select, for example, pushbutton from formcontrol and bring it to sheet
  • after bringing pushbutton to the sheet I turn off design mode

So, everything seems to be done OK, but at this point my LO lose fonts in dropdown menus (all menus are in function but complete blank). Also I notice, if I change cell selection, new cell is selected but there is no highlight on selected cell. I try to give some macro action to pushbutton but there is no difference. One more thing, if I try the same procedure on some another file everything work OK.

I use LO Version: (x64)

Do anyone have some idea what can be the cause of my issue? Thanks in advance

Hi again.

I didnt find the root cause for the issue, but I find the way how to not “generate” the issue. If I turn off the “pushbutton icon” in the form control, before I leave edit mode, everything is ok. Why? I dont know, cause on another files I dont need to turn off pushbutton icon.

If any of you find the root cause, please let me know. Meanwhile, maybe my “solution” can help to someone else.

Doesnt help anymore :frowning: can someone help me to resolve this issue?