calc format cells to upper case

I want to have Calc format/convert input to uppercase on the fly for certain ranges of cells. I have several spreadsheets that have data entered on a regular recurring basis. Certain cell ranges i want all upper case, while other ranges are mixed case. I don’t want to keep clicking the CAPS LOCK on and off. The cells contain letters and numbers, so I’m constantly on and off the SHIFT key. I’d like it if I can just enter the information and have Calc apply the proper format on the fly. Going back after the session and highlighting cells and hitting the UPPERCASE button is a pain as well. Is Calc capable of doing this? In searching the web, I find lots of people have asked about this, but no decent solution has been offered that I can find.

Hello @barnmichael,

Unfortunately the CellStyle does not support case conversion, but it does support setting a different Font for your cell.

Just create a new CellStyle for your selected cell range, and set its Font to "Latin Modern Roman Caps" ( or any other UPPERCASE font that you have in your font list ).

HTH, lib

Close, but not quite. For various political reasons, we are using the Consolas font. They like the slashed zeros. But, otherwise, the UPPERCASE fonts have uppercase letters, but they are big and small. Still have to use SHIFT or CAPS LOCK to get full sized characters. Not a suitable solution. I guess we just live with the fact it cannot be done.

Not “on the fly”, but … if it is known on beforehand which ranges must get which Case, then you could write a macro that does the proper formatting of all the involved cells on demand. That would still save you some time and effort. Please ask here again if you need help which such a macro.