calc: Format of email address

If I enter what is, or looks like, an email address, it changes to blue text on a gray background and can be ctrl-clicked to open an email to the apparent email address. Is there some way to make it use the default formatting of the sheet, i.e. black test on white background?

I don’t want to remove the functionality of the email address, just the different colors.

To change the color of the hyperlink text, go into LibreOffice Preferences. In the first section, LibreOffice, you will see a sub-section for Application Colors. Change both Unvisited and Visited links to black.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to remove the gray background from these cells. Maybe someone else does.

To remove the grey background, go under the same interface mentioned by Liberty Belle (Options > LibreOffice > Application Colors). Notice that the “Unvisited links” is in the “General” subsection of Application Colors? Just scroll down to the next subsection, called “Text Document”, and set “Field Shadings” to white.

If there’s a way to remove all shading from email addresses, I’m not sure what it would be.