Calc: formatting data points in diagram

In Calc, I am creating an XY diagram with two series of data. By default, the first data series is shown as blue squares and the second data series as red diamonds. However, I would like to change these colours to something that does not need colour printing, but is still easily distinguishable. In Microsoft Excel, I would be able to change the colours of both the edge and the filling of the data points. In this way, I could for instance make the square black and the diamong white with black border.

Is something like this possible in Calc?

I am using LibreOffice version

Best regards,
Lars J

There are a lot of options for the data point icons. With the graph selected, right-click on a data point and choose Format Data Series. With the Line tab selected, check out the options on the Icon pull-down list. A filled black square is in the Symbols set. I didn’t find an open diamond symbol, but I made one and saved it to disk, then used the Icon dialog to select it. You can use many image types for the icons, for example, .gif, .svg, .png, .jpg.