Calc: Formulas automagically extended with sheet name!?!


I use LibreOffice 5.0.6.

I have a spreadsheet with equations cross-linked among the various sheets in the spreadsheet.

Within a sheet I type equations without any reference to the sheet name itself, such as “=B3^2”.
However, after some time, the equation is automagically replaced by “=SheetName.B3^2”.
Obviously the ‘SheetName’ is redundant, as the equation is in the very same sheet where B3 is located.

I have no idea what triggers this change or how to revert it (apart from editing all equations manually again).

Of course the equations are still working correctly, but they become so much longer and difficult to read…

Any ideas?

Did you visit this thread?
Did you try a more recent version?


currently I experience this Problem with but I already was frustrated some years ago because the insertion of ‘SheetName’. can happen without taking notice of it. A solution to fix documents would prevent a lot of trouble with reverting to old versions and reapplying changes.

The solution in this thread (same as posted by Lupp) using find and replace unfortunately doesn’t work for matrix-formulas – at least I don’t know how.

Many thanks in advance!

I’m sorry, I haven’t an answer but I reproduced the problem many times in different Libre Office versions.
Currently, I’m using in Ubuntu 16.04.3 but the problem also happened under Windows in many versions.

And this problem happens to me suddenly and twice a month at least (every day I work with many spreadsheet files)
It seems a silly question, but when happens, the reading and tracking of the formulas becomes very complicated.

My “solution” is always find & replace but when the file has many sheets it’s heavy and annoying. Quite annoying, certainly.

I will appreciate any help