calc freezes printing to file using cell content as file name

I have:

  • Win10 English
  • LO
  • Foxit PhantomPDF Printer

I do:

  • copy cell content (containing: =C17&" some text string "&C19)
  • choose File-Print of Control-P
  • choose either of the printers
  • paste using control-V

Unexpect behaviour:

  • clipboard content does not appear as the file name
  • LO freezes
  • Title of the dialogue shows "Save print output as (Not responding)
  • Option dialogue follows that opts for eiter wait or cancel LO-Calc

Sometimes, if too much time has elapsed, this dialogue is missing en it needs to be reset using Task manager.

Seems to be related to the clipboard content. When pasting and copy again using notepad all is fine. This problem has been around for a while with me using different versions of LO.

Maybe better to use File > Export to PDF, generally export to pdf gives better results than print to pdf.

Also upgrade to LibreOffice 7.1.2 which has had some bug fixes.