Calc - Get Date between "x" amount of days

Hi, first post here. I am new to formulas in calc.

I have a spreadsheet in which I am trying to get the date when I write an “x” amount of days. I used =DATEDIF, but it wasn’t what I needed. libre

For Example:
12/15/2021(start date) + “x” days = ? (target date)

Is there a way to do this? I have to find a lot of target dates and I need to automate it. I’m reading a lot to keep learning, but I have not found an answer that could help me.

Thank you!

You are over-thinking it. In E3 enter =B3+D3 and format cell E3 as date.
To avoid confusion you should format dates in ISO standard format as YYYY-MM-DD


:joy: :sweat_smile: OMG! lol, I didn’t even try that (I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that easy). Like I said I am a total beginner and I really don’t understand that much just yet.

Thank you so much!

Dates are just the number of days since 1899 or 1901 our thereabouts. A fraction of a day is Time. Formatting makes it readable to us. The help in Format Cells throws a bit more light.

The Calc guide downloadable from the documentation page has more explanation

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Thanks so much, I will read it to understand better. Thanks again!