Calc gray border around border of columns and rows

Screenshot from 2019-10-28 12-31-30.pngUsing Calc recently I noticed a light gray band around the border with the numbers and letters. I noticed it because I changed to a darker theme. Still there when light just not as noticeable. Using version 6.2 on Ubuntu. But I checked an older version 5 on Windows 7 and it was there as well. Am I missing something? Don’t see any reason for it to be there. It covers half the width of both columns and rows.

Don’t see what you mean - could you attach a screenshot and and adding and arrow to point to the artefact you mean? (Use edit and the clip symbol. Don’t post an answer)

This is not a border but the color design of row and column headers, which just is more pronounced due to your current color scheme.

Thank you for the quick response. With a light theme I’ve never even noticed it was there.