Calc grid rows too small

I’m using Calc version: installed from Mint software manager. When I open a new sheet the default rows /grid are tiny. I tried opening in safe mode and the rows / grid are normal. What can I do to fix this? Thanks.


You probably affected the zoom factor. There are multiple ways to change:

  • from Menu View->Zoom->Zoom
  • Ctrl & mouse wheel
  • if status bar is on, slider in lower right corner.

Thanks Ratslinger it was the zoom!

Are you perhaps in Page Preview? If so, there is a link on the menu → Close Preview.

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Also, it is difficult to help with an answer when the question says “…or something like that.” How is it that we could know what this is? I’’ just guess & say you have turned on Notebook bar & there is no menu now. If so (again a wild guess), see this post to display.

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