Calc hangs on VLOOKUP, files larger then expected

I use spreadsheets with about 30000 rows and check with the Function VLOOKUP sheets of calculation with about 8000 rows and many times sticks- collapses (turns gray) and I have a big problem. the size of each file is from 10Μb to 18Mb,
What must do?
can help me ?LOupload.xls

When the sheet turns gray, that implies that the computer is busy (stressed-out). You didn’t indicate if this is a new problem. If a new problem, that could be a result of a bad formula that is hogging CPU time. There could be other reasons too.

I reworded title and retagged question as it has better chance now to attract attention of someone who can actually provide solution.

OK , my english is not very well, thank you


Propably you can significantly speed up the recalculation of VLOOKUP if you sort the Search-Array by the First Column, and use VLOOKUP without 4th Parameter or 4th Parameter 1

i dont understand…
if serch is only First column how i take the result from second column ?

Think he wants you to sort your whole table by first column and then you use VLOOKUP without 4th paramater (or use ‘1’ as 4th paramater). Make a backup copy of your spreadsheet, try this and see if you gain some speed.

There was an slowness issue with some functions like VLOOKUP searching in a range,if the option Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice calc/Calculation - Search criteria = and <> must apply to whole cells it’s no marked.

in my case: >> Search criteria = and <> must apply to whole cells<< it is marked

Then please attach a sample file so some one can take a look for a better way to do it.

can you help me how can attach a sample fille please?

Edit your question and add the file to share.

i upload a simple fille to see my settings ,
i try to upload a large fille and i cant

No VLOOKUPs in your file, but maybe the issue is with STYLE function it is a volatile function, so with any change, any where in the file, they are calculated.