Calc hangs when trying to save my spreadsheet to xls/xlsx ( and 4.1.0b)

I’m trying to save a (bit complex, but not that terrible) spreadsheet in .xls or .xlsx format. Unfortunately, when I do this, the progress bar goes up to about half, then LO hangs.

Is this a known issue? How can I circumvent this problem?

I’ve tried this with both and 4.1.0b, on Windows 7.

Which LIbO and which OS version are you using?
This information is important to help you.

@ROSt53: done.

Probably a bug and quite possibly a known bug. How long did you wait before canceling the process? Does CPU/RAM spike? Any additional observations you can make will help.

Please have a look through the list of open xls+save bugs and see if any describe your specific issue. If none do, please report a bug and provide as much detail about your particular case as possible. In either case (found or newly raised bug) please report the related bug number back here in a comment beneath this answer in the form “fdo#123456”. For a newly reported bug, please provide an example file. Thanks.

I can’t reproduce, so let’s assume it’s one of the bugs on the list. Thanks.

I have the same problem with all version 4.1.x versions, when saving ODG (Draw) files.
The working window can be dead for up to 1 minute during save. My processor workload indeed spikes up to 30% in 2 cores Intel I7 quad.
(Where the load normally is ~ 3%).
This is an intermittent problem.
Windows 7, 64 bit.
I downloaded the latest version on 2013/10/14
I believe the problem did not exist in 4.0.x.x (I may test that, because I saved the installation file)
I did some testing, and found when I delete a picture from the document (size= 750KB) there is little delay, saving!
However I’m shure in previous levels, the contents had little effect in save time.
Also a “warning” is displayed in the active window: “LibreOffice is notresponding”