Calc: How can I alphabetize a table using any column?

Using CALC: I have opened a CSV file table with about 3000 lines and 8 columns. It is a list of all the SNAP accepting stores in Colorado. It is not alphabetized in any column. I want to be able to view all the stores in my county or city (two of the columns) without reading through the entire 3000 lines. Alphabetizing by column data would help immensely. There is no obvious way to alphabetize the table by the data in any column.

Were I to have my “perfect solution”, I would click on a column to select it, then click again to alphabetize “up” and click a 3rd time to alphabetize “down”, just as we can do with most PC window contents by column. Failing that idea, I’d right click any column to find the option to alphabetize the entire table by the contents of the selected column. Why is there no such ability???

2nd option to go with this would be to save the table “as last viewed” (and other possibilities).

3rd option would be to renumber the table as re-ordered by alphabetizing (and other possibilities).

Just place the cell cursor in the column you want to sort and click one of the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending buttons. For more detailed options use the Sort button with the two arrows, or menu Data → Sort.

I did finally see the sort icons on the toolbars and that the DATA menu has sorting as well. This worked as I liked. However, a right click option on the column would be much more helpful and handy.

I just noticed the SORT didn’t sort the whole table everytime. It only sorted the selected column. A dialog box also came up saying “the cells next to the current selection also contain data…”. If I choose “current selection”, no other data moved. If I choose “extent selection” I get inconsistent results. Sometimes it sorts the whole table by the column data… just what I want. Others a 2nd dialog box appears demanding to include other columns. Can’t understand under what rules it does it.