CALC: How do I set the language for a selection of cells?

I have a spreadsheet containing text in more than one language.
Is it possible to select a range of cells (a column for example) then set the language for that selection so that the spellchecker checks using the correct language for that range?

Use Format → Cells, Font tab, Language.

  1. Select range

  2. Select menu Format->Cells

  3. Select language

Thanks for your answer. I have followed your instructions and changed the language (to French). However, when I spellcheck, the spellchecker assumes that the text is in the default language (English) so all the French words are highlighted as wrong.
I cannot find a way to get Calc to switch Spellchecker dictionary to match the Cell’s language. The French dictionary is installed and enabled in the Spelling options.
Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

Setting the language/locale of a cell’s number format is not connected to spell checking.

Changing the language on the Font tab of the cell format?

Thanks everyone for the comments.
As erAck and m.ariosv havew pointed out setting the “Font” language works, but not the “Numbers” language.