Calc: How do you check an array of cells against a single value?

A1="" returns TRUE.
A2="" returns TRUE.
A3="" returns TRUE.
Even (A1="")*(A2="") and AND(A1="";A2="";A3="") return TRUE.

But A1:A3="" returns a #VALUE error. How do you test all the cells in an array/range against a single value?

I can’t be the first person in spreadsheet history to want to check an array/range against another value? There must be some way to do it.

Your condition doesn’t apply that way. If you are checking an array for a value, then you should expect an array, not a single value.

In your particular example if you type =A1:A3="" and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter you will get 3 cells with TRUE.

If you are checking for values, you could use SUM(A1:A3)=0 as a condition instead.