Calc How do you copy, then paste columns to another sheet preserving widths?

I am using the spreadsheet to create a number of similar forms, of which some of the content is shared by all forms. The first sheet has custom column widths and row heights. How do I select a rectangle from this sheet, copy it, and paste it to another sheet which has default widths and heights so that the pasted rectangle adjusts these dimensions to match those from the first sheet?

Depending on the situation, the easiest way may be to first copy the first sheet (right-click on the tab, select Move/Copy Sheet). Then add in the parts that differ. Column width and row height are not cell properties, so if you copy a region, it will not copy the heights and widths, but if you instead copy whole columns or rows (select them by clicking the labels) the widths OR heights are carried over. If you’ll be making a lot of the forms, you could create a template for it.

To copy just the widths or heights (and not the contents of the cells), copy the columns or rows, use Edit > Paste Special, and select only Formats.