Calc: How I can enable autoadjust lines on?

Hello I would like to know how I can format the cells without having to drag the columns with the mouse, could you help me?

How can I automatically adjust line height using a keyboard shortcut? or with a permanent configuration in the file?


I feel sure many contributorts read the question intending to help you. As nobody posted an answer within 20 hours now, I would suspect they didn’t understand the question. I also did not.
Are all of us just too silly, or is the question unclear?
A hint: I wouldn’t try to answer how to automatize something without knowing what exactly should be achieved. Adjusting row heights will depend on parameters and/or a mode after all…
“Do what I want!” won’t work.

See also; Guidelines for asking

Thanks for the comment, I’ll try to be clearer in the next time. Sorry for the confusion, I’m still learning the language.

Well, fortunately @sludge7051-x obviously guessed right. I should also have thought this way.
(By the way: As far as I know ‘Optimal Height…’ should be enabled by default for a new spreadsheet.)

I thought it was strange too, I thought it should be the default, but mine was not working so I had to figure out how to enable

Click the cell in the very top left (of the row and column headers) to highlight the whole Worksheet.

Then, right-click on any row . . . “Optimal Height” will auto-adjust . . . or use “Row Height” to specify a height

thank you so much, I was looking for something exactly like this