Calc: how to add text + A1 + Text


Kindly need help
How i can

Text Column Text
[sound: + A1,B1 + ]

so it show


Confusing, what do you mean by “Text Column Text [sound: + A1,B1 + ]” ? In general: ="sound:" & A1 & "." & B1 would combine the word “sound:” with text in cell A1, add a dot(".") and any text in B1. But from your description it is absolutely not clear (at least for me) that this is what you requested. Now, if you put “abx” into A1, “mp3” into B1 and the formula ="sound:" & A1 & "." & B1 into cell C1, cell C1 will show “sound:abx.mp3”

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A1= Text A2= 33 A3= text



= "Text "&A2&" text."

thank you so much.
its work like a charm

="[sound:" & A1 & “]”

the result is [sound:abx.mp3]

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