CALC: How to "auto-complete" from a dropdown

  • created a sheet with e.g. a list of persons in the form “last name, first name”
  • in another sheet (same file) created a “data” - “validation” criteria type “cell range”, referring to the list of persons. Options “allow empty cells”, “show list”, if needed “sort ascending”

works fine itself, if used with mouse. PAIN IN THE NECK with lots of data and keyboard only.

Question: is it possible to get some sort of “query as you type” auto-completion, and, if typed to just one match, how can I select from list via keyboard, NOT mouse?

Would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

it seems that this might be related to the comma in the cell range’s values. no comma → query as you type. at least more or less

any idea how to change/influence?