Calc: how to change color of selected cell indicator?

I am referring to the bolder border that appears around a cell when you click on it, to indicate that it is the currently selected cell; the thing with a square in the bottom right corner which can be dragged to increment the selected cell’s content into adjacent cells.

In 7.2 this “selected cell indicator” is black, but when I installed 7.3 it became a very light color, which is almost invisible, at least on the default white background. I did not change any settings. This happened on both Windows and Mac.

Calc was unusable in this state, so I reinstalled 7.2.6 on both computers and it became black again.

I cannot find out how to make it black in 7.3.2 , because I don’t know the proper name of this “selected cell indicator” so I don’t know what to search for, hence this question.

Many thanks.

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