Calc How to copy cell values to another Sheet?

I am attempting to duplicate cell values from one sheet into cells on another sheet. Some cell values are names or labels such as “Fuel” or “Insurance.” Other cells are data such as “$500.”

It seems that in a cell of Sheet 2, I should be able to enter =Sheet1.A13 , but doing so results in “#REF!”

Is my syntax incorrect, or is there a control or feature I must first enable for the entire spreadsheet document to enable links across sheets?


Your syntax is correct, but will only work if you did not rename Sheet1 to some other name like Expenses. Then you would need to use =Expenses.A13

Maybee there’s a problem with the name of the sheet. To avoid that just do it by clicking:
Go to the cell and type =, then go to the other sheet, click the cell and type ENTER.

I am using Libre Office (2023). The syntax I got to work is: =$Expenses.$A$13