Calc: How to copy cells with URLs from OO to Libre?

Hello all! I know this is long, but I’m explaining why I’m doing it the way I’m doing it. It’s necessary for you to understand.

I’m brand spanking new to Libre, but have used OO for eons. I decided to make the switch when Open Office kept crashing every few minutes and I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t get any help on the matter that would fix it, so I decided to just let it go.

However, I have a spreadsheet with about 240 rows and 9 columns. It’s not big by normal standards, but every single time I ever close it (not open) in OO, OO crashes. This makes a forced recovery each and every time I ever want to open it.

I tried opening the file in Libre but Libre freezes. My guess was that it has something to do with the fact that it was crashed and requires recovery. Finally, I just decided to copy/paste the info from the OO spreadsheet to the Libre spreadsheet. So far, so good… until I noticed that the column which contained URL links didn’t copy the URLs.

Is there a way to do this? My guess now is that this was the problem opening the OO spreadsheet with Libre. This is bad if Libre can’t handle copied spreadsheets that are preformatted because OO does.

Surely there is a way?

Just made a small example with AOO4.1.2 Portable.
Then I created an empty Calc document with LibO5.1.2.1.
In the first document I had texts in C2:C6 one by one linked to an URL. These cells I copied (Ctrl+C) and pasted them into the second document (Ctrl+V). The result was as the OP stated: Texts copied, URL lost.
Now I tried ‘Paste Special…’ (Shift+Ctrl+V) and chose ‘HTML format’. The URL came along with the texts now.
I would recommend only to paste the ranges linked this way.

But: The problem might not be solved anyway. Pasting cells containing formulas, formats … will not work as expected: Only values will arrive. You have to see for a loadable ods to get all this in LibO, too.
If you can remove confidential content from your defective (?) sheets, you may attach a document brining up the issue (crashes) for you. Someone here may find out by what the problems were caused.

Hi @Lupp, I’m not sure we can expect that between different programs the cell formula is copied instead the cell result. Copying from LibreO to AOo default paste it’s as OLE object. In any case maybe it’s easy open both files with LibreOffice to do the copy.

@mariosv: From AOO4.1.2 Calc to LibO a standard Copy/Paste only pastes the value. This the reason for the bold text behind my “But:”. Once again: The schism is a mess!

Oh wow thank you! I’ll give that a try. I didn’t even think about paste special. UGH! If it doesn’t work, it’s not earth shattering since I still can open it in OO (even though it crashes when I close it) it’s just I want OO off my system.

Again, many thanks!