Calc : How to edit formulae in formula bar directly

Possible duplicate of edit directly in cell.

To edit a cell formula, I move the cursor to the cell and then press F2. I can then edit the formula in the cell. I find this cumbersome for long / complex formulae and editing directly in the formula bar is a lot simpler for me.

My question : Is there a setting to force editing in the formula bar, rather than than in-cell, on F2 keypress?

(I know that I can click the formula wizard and edit long formulae there, but that’s not what I’m after)

The keyboard combination to edit in the formula bar is Ctrl+Shift+F2. this setting can be changed via Tools/Customize/Keyboard. it is needed to select the line showing F2 Cell edit mode and enter “Input line” in the field function, confirm by selecting Modify and then Save.

You can easily do this. Since F2 is the key for editing the cell, and Ctrl+F2 is the hotkey for invoking the Function Wizard, it seems to me that the Alt+F2 key combination is best for editing in the Formula Bar. This is my opinion, you can choose any other of the available key combinations.

Thanks for your answer - it works as expected.

This is a great find! Since I never like to edit directly in the cell, I just replaced the F2 assignment from “Cell Edit Mode” to “Input Line”. It’s the (circuitous) equivalent of turning off Excel’s “Allow editing directly in cells” option. Thanks!