Calc: How to extend the range of cells affected by SUM?

In Excel whenyou click SUM below a column of numbers containing some gaps it will select the nearest range of consecutive filled cells and you can drag the edge of the range to include other cells above, treating empty cells as zero value. This doesn’t seem possible in Calc.
(Ver; Win 8.1)

I think you move the range up, dragging with the hand on the first cell of the range, to the top-left of the new range, and then extend it down/right.

Since a while I wanted to write an enhancement request on this…

The hand is nice! But it only moves the existing range up, down, left, and right and does not expand the range. For extension of the range, the hand must be used to move the existing range up and than clicking on the little square at the right bottom corner of the range must be extended to the bottom or bottom right or bottom left. The little square can also be used to reduce the range.

It would be much better if the hand could be used on

  • the left or right side of the range for moving the existing range to anywhere without changing its size
  • on top and bottom of the range to expand it up or up and right or down or down and left.

I just wrote the enhancement request. Here it is. Please feel free to add comments.

HI @ROSt53 this is an enhancement in new releases.

Hi @mariosv - This is great news!!! Do you know by any chance in which release this will be?