Calc: How to hide the popup of cell content

I was able to find this old question with the only comment saying “this was fixed” but honestly, it isn’t.

For example, I have this formula:

Formula popup example

You can see that the forumla popout covers the relevant referenced cells pretty badly (BT25 being under the 0),3,0 part and BP25 being under the 25+BX part, while BX25 is half visible). I’ve got dozens of formulas like this that reference adjacent cells, and given that the formula bar exists, I don’t need this in-place popout.

I’ve running version, which I downloaded fresh just the other day.

The only comment say “I think you can’t”.

Ok fair, but I was referring to the “but seems it’s better positioned in the last versions” part. And it isn’t better.

Set cell alignment to right, so the pop-up expand to the left of the cell. You can set border padding to compensate in part the center alignment you are loosing.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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