Calc: how to label both date and time on X axis


I have the following data from my thermo datalogger: Column A: date Column B: Time Column C: temperature

For example:

2015-06-12 11:00:02 23,1

2015-06-12 12:00:02 23,2

2015-06-12 13:00:02 23,3

2015-06-12 14:00:02 23,4

2015-06-12 15:00:02 23,6

2015-06-12 16:00:02 23,8

2015-06-12 17:00:02 24,1

I can make a nice line graph, but unfortunately I cannot arrange nice labels on the X axis. Or I get all the the more than 400 hourly samples as a label, or I get the dates, but then I end up with a bar graph which shows the maximum temperature.

What I would like to get is on the X axis every day and in between 2 (or more) grid lines, so that I can have an idea what the temperature at noon is, but I should not loose the hourly samples in between. Unfortunately scaling does not allow to go per hour; the minimum is per day.

Thanks a lot for your help,


Insert a new Column C, add there the Values from A and B and use C and D for creating an xy-Diagram


Hi Karolus, that helped me a bit further. As long as I use a small range, it shows indeed what I want. As soon as I want to select all my data, the layout is again useless. You can have a look at my file at my file The upper chart is when selecting all the data, the 2nd one is when only a small range is selected. I’m hoping that I can somehow get the X axis labels the same was as on the 1st chart.

…and I mean off course that I want to get the labels of the 1st chart the same way as on the 2nd chart :wink: My last sentence was not very clear.