CALC - how to search entire sheet, not just current page

I have a spreadsheet with several pages that have data, any one of which might contain the item I am looking for. The Find function only seems to search the current page, and it is a pain to have to run the same search on each page, instead of being able to search all of the pages at the same time. Is there a way to make CALC search all the pages?

(I have looked and can’t find any addins to do this, or anything in the docs about it - I may have missed something - pointers to correct info are also useful…)


Many thanks - looks like a major part of my problem is a need to upgrade - I’m currently running LO - and don’t seem to have the options mentioned, but it is the latest option offered by the Kubuntu 14.04 LTS version I’m running - will be looking at downloading latest directly from the LO site later tonight.

To search all sheets you must use the “Find and Replace” pop-up dialog instead of just the simple find box at the bottom of a sheet.

To open the “Find and Replace” dialog, use Ctrl + H, or “Edit” → “Find and Replace”, then check the box for “All sheets”.


You can also Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click tabs to select just the tabs you want to search, then do a regular Ctrl + F “Find”, as answered by pierre-yves-samyn here.


You can either:

  • Select sheets in which you want to search (Ctrl+Click the tabs) then EditFind & Replace
  • Or, in this dialog, tick All sheets


Thanks very much!

LibreOffice 5.1 answer.

Just to complete the previous answer:

  • If you select Edit > Find... or
    Ctrl+F, a toolbar appears below the
    sheets. You should switch to Find & Replace... clicking the icon just
    after Match Case option in that
    toolbar. Anyway, it is easier to go directly to Edit > Find & Replace... or Ctrl+H.
  • In the Find & Replace dialog, you should activate Other options, and tick Search in all sheets.

Hi @asiersar

No need to activate other options since 5.2 see Release Notes