Calc: how to select a list value based on adjacent cell values

Hi all,
I have a sheet with some values I have parsed out from a string.
Based on these values, I need to automatically select a description phrase in an adjacent cell.
Essentially, I need to break apart tens of thousands sku’s into human readable text

Cell(A2).value = DIA 
Cell(B2).value SHOULD = DIAGONAL

Where: cell(B2) references a list of values, (Diagonal, Square, Triangle, Circle, ... etc.)

So all the cells in col B autofill a value based on the value in col A
Anyone know how to do this???

The VLOOKUP function is well suited for this task. I have created a small example document.


best regards


Thank you Juergen! That’s exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile:

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oh didn’t see that there. thank you dscheikey